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Products Range :
Vitrified Specialities

Vitrified Specialities :
Diamond Wheel Dressing Sticks
CBN Wheel Dressing Sticks

Diamond Wheel Dressing Sticks
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There are a Number of Products Which are Specially Developed By Us For a Variety of Jobs Which Cannot Be Done using Conventional Grinding Wheels Or Honing Stones. Very Special Bonds Have Been Developed For these Special Applications.
Diamond / CBN Wheel Dressing Sticks : Specially Developed For Dressing Of Diamond and CBN Wheels. These Sticks Can Achieve a Quick Dressing Without Damaging the Diamond or CBN. These are Specially Developed For Metal Bonded Diamond and CBn and for Electroplated Diamonds. The Hardness and the Grit Size of the Stick Depends on the Grit Size of the Diamond or CBN to be Dressed.
Super Alo : Manufactured from High Purity (99.9%) Synthetic Corundum, these are Used Mainly by Mechanics Because of their Uniform Hardness, Wear Resistance and Edge Retention Propoerties. These Stones are Most Suitable For Jobs Encountered in Workshops Like Sharpening Or Finishing of Tols of Metal Working, Wood Working and Plastic. These are Used for Refinishing of Tempered Steel Where Normal Files Cannot be Used. Thease are Available in Coarse, Medium & Fine Categories and are Used Wet
With Water, Oil or Petroleum Products.
Super SiC : These Are Rubbing Stones With High Cutting Efficiency Made With Silicon Carbide. These Are Best Suited For Applications Where A Rapid Metal Removal is Required or Softer Cutting Action Than Super Alo is Required. These Are Used For Sharpening Of Carbide Tools, Glass, Marble, Granite, Gem Stones etc. These are Available in Coarse, Medium, and Fine Categories and Can Be Used Dry or Wet With Water , Oil or Petroleum Products.
Rectangular stones : For sharpening of Lathe Tools, Planes, Scrapers etc. these are Available in Many Standard Sizes.
Combination stones : are Rectangular Stones with One Side Coarse For Sharpening Hand Tools and Other Side Fine for Resharpening. Rough or Medium Size is Used for Grinding While Fine for R-sharpening.
Slip stones : These are Suitable For Sharpening and finishing of tools of various forms.
Finished sticks : These are available in square, triangular, round and half round cross section for finishing tools, dies and moulds. Available in coarse, medium and fine gracing
Knife edge : Sharpened stones for sharpening sharp corners
Segments : Available in a variety of standard shapes and sizes. These can be readily mounted on vertical spindle surface grinders with minimum of down time. In addition to these any special shape and size can be provided on request.